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Group by value/no value


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Hey all,
Apologies if this has already been covered but I can't find anything. 
I have a report, that's grouped by the client's budget (brought in from request field), this is either empty, £0 or £XX
I would like this to be just two groups.
Group 1: empty or £0 budget
Group 2: is more than £0

Tried my hand in the text editor but couldn't get anything to work...

Thanks in advanced!
Screenshot below
Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 16.40.27.png

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Hello, the way I'd go about this is to add a calculated custom field in the same custom form where the client budget field lives, say it's called 'Client Budget Calculated Field.' Have this field reference the client budget field with a calculation if budget greater or equal to X, show as Y. If less than A, show as B. 

Then your grouping in the report would be grouping by this new 'Client Budget Calculated Field' Is Not Blank to pull in where this field has a value. 

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@michelleb526471  give this text mode grouping a try:


group.0.namekey=DE:Your Custom Field Name
group.0.valueexpression=IF({DE:Your Custom Field Name}>0,'more than £0','empty or £0','')