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Graphical Utilization Report using Custom Form?


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I'm aware of the limitation of the Resource Planner from a reporting perspective but wanted to know if there is the possibility of creating a custom form pulls utilization data that I can use to graphically represent the Resource Planner data within Workfront. I was toying with the idea of creating an Admin Only custom form with a few user-specific calculated fields such as: - FTE, which we use to identify the fraction of users' availability that is dedicated to project work. - Estimated availability (FTE x [Total Available Hrs]) - 40hrs *4/mth - Total Planned hours - Remaining Availability SUB(Estimated Availability, Total Planned Hours) - Utilization (Total Planned hours/Estimated Availability) The execution is proving much more difficult than the concept. I'm guessing this has to do with other limitations such as pulling data from across Workfront data tables (USER, TASK, PROJECT), but can anyone think of a way to accomplish this so a report can be created within the tool instead of having to export to Excel and always having to work with stale data? Norbert Esty MS, PMP IT Governance Business Analyst New York University New York, NY
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Hi There - We"re in desperate need of similar concepts and I"ve been actively seeking this for a long time. Have you had any luck here?