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Fusion - See old state custom forms and new state custom forms


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I am building a Fusion scenario that will create an audit log for our document custom forms. I have everything setup except for when the custom form is removed. I need to be able to see all the old state custom form IDs and the all the new state custom form IDs.


I am using a Watch Events webhook that is watching for updates to documents. We have several custom forms on our documents so the category ID field that is pulled on that module is only pulling the ID of the first custom form added. I used a custom API call and an iterator to pull all custom form IDs into one string. That works but only for the new state. If you pull the oldState:ID into the URL field, it is still the same ID so it will return the new state custom forms. 


Does anyone have any ideas for how to pull the old state and new state custom form IDs?

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