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Examples of a Creative Request Queue / Workflow


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Reaching out to see if anyone would be willing to share visuals of their Creative Request Queue / Workflow.

We are revamping our Creative Process Workflow so I am looking for examples of the following:

  • Custom Form options in request dropdown
    • Do you take a campaign approach, an individual asset approach or hybrid?
  • Examples of Creative briefs
  • Examples of your process workflow
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Hi there, this is a tough one to write out an answer to because it's a lot of info : )

Generally, our creative custom form is fairly basic and we take a deliverable = project approach (programs = campaigns, events, anything that requires many assets) and projects are a deliverable or set of like deliverables (a blog post or a set of banner ads, etc.).


We have 3 creative team PMs that get requests from other business units and convert them to projects, and for marketing/internal creative needs the project owner creates the project but uses the same project template and assigns to studio PMs to process/assign to a resource.


Happy to hop on a call in the near future to explain more in depth if it'll help give you ideas.

If this helped you, please mark correct to help others : )