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Edit timesheets for others?


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We have a project team that wants a designated individual to enter time for the project team members, with a different approver for the timesheets submitted. Does anybody know of a way to set this up, so that Person B can enter time for Persons C-J, with Person A approving the timesheets?

I've tried setting Person B as the manager of the users, and the users' timesheet profile says that the Manager can edit their timesheets, but Person B still cannot edit the timesheets.


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Hi Brad,

Provided Persons C-J each has their own Work License, if Person B is a SysAdmin, they could "Log In As" Persons C-J (in succession) and enter the time for those folks just as if they'd done so themselves, as far as auditing goes.

On the other hand, if Persons C-J have only Reviewer Licenses, or Person B is not a SysAdmin, I invite you to consider our UberTimesheet solution, which we would configure for you so Person B could then use to select Persons C-J from a dropdown and then enter the time "on behalf of" those folks, as far as auditing goes (e.g. "Person B entered 2 hours on behalf of Person C"), which, arguably, is also a better representation of the facts.



Person B is not a SysAdmin, but is the Supervisor for Persons C-J. According to the timesheet profile, their Supervisor is allowed to edit time, but when accessing that person's timesheets, the fields are greyed out, and no edits are allowed.


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Not 100% sure, but I believe person B doesn't have view/manage permissions on tasks that are greyed out.