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Display Home Team Name instead of Home Team ID in a report


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Hello, I am creating a Project Report that I need to download to excel in a list style in order to run some analytics against the Workfront Data. I would like one of the columns to be the Project Owner's Home Team Name. However, I can only find Home Team ID to choose from in the report columns tab. I know that you can use text mode to convert the numeric string of the ID into actual text, but I cannot find the code to do so. Can someone please provide the text mode syntax to do this? Thanks, Angie Stockton Nielsen OH
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Level 6
Try this: displayname= linkedname=owner namekey=view.relatedcolumn namekeyargkey.0=owner namekeyargkey.1=homeTeam:name querysort=owner:homeTeam:name textmode=true valuefield=owner:homeTeam:name valueformat=HTML Tim Brooks Invicro