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Custom Forms on Project Templates


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I am trying to add custom forms to a project template, I am creating.


For some reason not all the forms that are available, are showing up under the drop down to select them; even though they are designated as a project form and they are shared with me as well.


Am I missing something?




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Level 8

Hello marcus,


Besides the fact that the custom forms need to be available for the object type Project, did you check, if the custom forms are all active?





Level 1

Hey Lars,


Thanks for replying back to me. I just checked and the custom form I am wanting to use in the project template, is active and marked to be used with projects. It's weird, some custom forms are available and other aren't (even if they are marked or not marked for project use). 




this might be a question for your system administrator, are you a system administrator?

Yes I am...unfortunately I have had to learn as I fly with our system...most of the time I can figure it out...but this one has me stumped...why the project templates only show some of the custom forms to add...but not all of them...even though all the custom forms settings for projects, task and issues are in place... but they are not showing up in the project template as a choice...

When you go into Setup -> Custom Forms, do you see all of the custom forms you expect to see?  On the top right side there is a Filter button, make sure it says All.

If your custom form section is configured like the above example you should see every custom form in the system.  It would be important to take a look at these forms to try to determine what specific configuration in either the form or the template would make your problem appear.


Community Advisor

If you're sure you have access to the form and it's active as it seems you do based on other comments, you can also try:

- Check you have manage access to the template

- Type in the full name of the custom form - the dropdown of custom forms won't populate ALL forms on default, there is a limit to how many show in a dropdown.

- It's not already added to the template, right? If so, it won't show as an option.

If this helped you, please mark correct to help others : )