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Custom field track user who made changes and display in report


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I have a custom radio button field and I want to create a calculated field that tracks the last time and the user who made changes to that field. I was already able to create a calculated field that tracks the last time and the value changes in the field. Thanks to this post - https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/workfront-questions/custom-field-track-latest-date-...


Here is the current code for the calculated field that I managed to build:

        LEFT({DE:Decision History - Initial Review}, LEN(IF(ISBLANK({DE:Assessment 1 - Initial Review}), "-", {DE:Assessment 1 - Initial Review}))) = {DE:Assessment 1 - Initial Review},
        {DE:Decision History - Initial Review},
            IF(ISBLANK({DE:Assessment 1 - Initial Review}), "-", {DE:Assessment 1 - Initial Review}),
            " ",
            IF(LEN(MINUTE($$NOW)) > 1, CONCAT(HOUR($$NOW), ":", MINUTE($$NOW)), CONCAT(HOUR($$NOW), ":0", MINUTE($$NOW))),
            " | ",
            {DE:Decision History - Initial Review}

Now, I need to add another piece of information to the same calculated field: the user or user ID who made the changes - without requiring them to enter their user information manually. 

I would appreciate any insights on this matter. Million thanks!


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Well done @AsiatulAmir,


To include the name of the currently logged in user, I suggest you add the following on a new line above the “ | “, line:


“ “, $$USER.name,


See here for a list of other such useful wildcards.

I also invite you to review the original Targeted Auditing post for more ideas and details.