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Creative Briefs - Custom Form or Uploaded Document?


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Hi all

Seeking info if your Creative Briefs are:

a) integrated into a custom form in WF; OR

b) separate documents uploaded to projects.

What has been successful for your group and why?

Any challenges with either format?

Do you have any method that you feel leads to amazing briefs (clear, concise, insightful, actionable)?

Our Creative team is looking to pull the creative questions out of Workfront custom forms into separate designed doc as a means to better written briefs and easier for creative team to absorb creative information.

Any insight is helpful. Thank you!


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Level 10

We've done both and settled on uploading creative briefs filled-out in Word, though we do have custom forms for basic project and billing info that needs to be reportable in WF.

We tried doing the brief in WF at he beginning but it was too rigid, too complex to maintain, and the "wall of text" way WF displays forms was too intimidating to users. NWE and Classic both have this problem in different ways.


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thank you Kevin

very helpful info and aligned to what we are experiencing and direction we're most likely heading.


We have a large custom form (and sometimes multiple forms) on our projects and one of those forms includes the fields for a "creative brief."

The way we've gotten around the custom form "wall of text" for our teams is I created a dashboard specific to each team that is on a tab and that displays just the data fields they need to be able to do their job. So, the custom form(s) collects a lot of data, but the creative team clicks on "creative details" within the project and see the tasks specific to their tasks, the email team clicks on "email details," the web posting team on "web posting details," the printshop team on "printing details," etc. That way, they only see what they need to be able to perform their duties, yet the project contains all the information. That way they don't have to see what doesn't pertain to them and/or scroll to get to the data they need.

Hope this helps.

This is a great idea - would you be willing to share images or a video of what this dashboard looks like?

Hello! Sorry I missed your message while out on PTO. I'd be more than happy to show you what I've done if you'd want to connect via a webex or something at some point.


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Hi @denise_moore_ameritas ,
I'm also interested to know how this was achieved. I'm struggling with trying to minimize the "wall of text" and this seems like the perfect solve. Could you provide some insight on how you were able to achieve this? Thanks


Level 4


Happy to show you and walk you through it if you're interested. I built reports that display only the fields each team needs to do their job and put those reports on a dashboard. I then made that dashboard accessible via a custom tab on the project. So, the creative team has a dashboard titled "creative details," video team has "video details," email team has "email details," etc. They can then click on their details tab and see only the fields they need to see in order to be able to do their job. So, the custom form(s) collect all the data needed, but the "details" tab narrows down all that information to only display what each team needs.


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@denise_moore_ameritas I'm totally interested in seeing how this works. I'll shoot you a message to set something up.


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Hi @denise_moore_ameritas,

I'm very late to this thread, but would you be willing to share more info on the dashboards? I am trying to set up a creative brief process for teams with varying requirements and what you've done sounds like a great idea.



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Sounds like an interesting approach to feed data to different teams Denise.

Thanks for the insight and something to consider.

Very helpful!


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Thanks Kevin

Sounds like we have the same issues - "wall of text" and turned reviewers from using the info or not seeing as a positive experience.

Appreciate the feedback!


Level 1

Hi Jennifer,


Happy Holidays! I'm currently at the same place you were a year ago, where my organization is in the process of updating our Creative Brief. It is currently a Word doc, outside of Workfront, but it's very cumbersome to complete, and then very difficult to read when you're on the receiving end. I also wondered if this should be a WF form, but am leaning away from that. I would be curious to see what your CB ended up looking like, and how you ended up building it. Would you be willing to participate in a call with me to share your insight? I would very much appreciate any advice you can give me!