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Collections report if/then statement


Level 2



I'm using the following text mode to pull in the actual completion date of the milestone noted. I have another view that shows the planned completion date. What I'm wondering is if there's a way to show the planned completion date if there's no actual, and then the actual completion date (and bold it or somehow note it's the ACTUAL) if there's an actual completion date available. So updating the value expression that if actual completion date is blank, show planned. If actual completion date exists, show actual and somehow note it's actual. Thank you!


displayname=Strategy Approved
valueexpression=IF({milestone}.{name}="STRATEGY APPROVED",{actualCompletionDate})


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Level 3

I have a similar valueexpression that adds on the following after your first comma (so delete everything after the first comma and add the following):


IF({status}="DED","N/A",IF({status}!="CPL",CONCAT("Due ",{plannedCompletionDate}),CONCAT("Completed ",{actualCompletionDate}))))


(i.e. -- if it's cancelled, display "N/A"; if it is not complete, display "Due plannedDate"; for everything else, display "Completed actualDate")


At the very least, this will show you some syntax which you can then amend to display closer to what you would like.



Level 6

I couldn't get HTML bold tags to work with a value expression, but you could perhaps use something like this (with your preferred symbol or wordage to indicate actual completion):


valueexpression=IF({milestone}.{name}="STRATEGY APPROVED",IF(ISBLANK({actualCompletionDate}),{plannedCompletionDate},CONCAT({actualCompletionDate}," ✓")))