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Chart Customization (Displaying Totals Above Stacked Columns, Scaling the Y-axis, and More)


Level 2

I'm looking for a few ways to customize the chart for a report. Is it possible to do the below?


1. Display the total record number above a stacked column. Currently I can only see the record numbers associated with each category in the stack, not the total for the column.


2. Can the Y-axis have custom scaling?


3. Can numbers on a line graph be moved around with charts that have two lines? I have attached a picture for example of a planned vs. actual hours report I was trying to create - it is hard to see the numbers because they are on top of each other.


4. Are there any "pop-up" boxes we can insert to show totals? For example, in a planned vs. actual hours report, each team would be on the X-axis, and we can see the hours associated with each team separately. It would be great to have something that shows the TOTAL hours for all of the teams on the X-axis.


Thank you!


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Level 9

This has been a significant gap not being able to chart by both sum and count.  It sounds like what you're looking for is only available in a data visualization tool. 


Keep in mind, WF will only count projects that meet the criteria - so if you have 500 projects and only 400 have time tracked to them, your level of effort is going to display at 400 projects. (We solved for this by adding a calculated field on the project form so regardless of time entry we could count it.



Level 10

I have heard that they are addressing some of these issues in the new reporting Canvas. I'm not sure if this specific issue is on the roadmap though. Perhaps someone from the Canvas team can clarify? @jon_chen