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Carry Custom Fields from a project into a new request within the project


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We allow new requests to be generated directly in certain projects (that have routing details built in), without having to go to a published request queue. Does anyone know how to carry the custom data on the project into the new request that use the same Custom Fields?

When we start a new request in that project, the custom fields start out blank, even though the same fields in the project are filled in.


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Hello Charles,

So I've looped in people smarter than me to help think through this one, here are two things you might want to try.

First, you could create a calculated field on an Issue custom form that look at the Project-level data.

For example: let's say I create an issue on a Project, and that Project has a (project-level) Custom Field called

Color . Now let's say that on my Issue I wanted to show the Project's Color, then I would create an issue-level custom calculated field (or re-use the same field name, doesn't matter) and my calculation would then be:


That way is slightly complicated though.

Second, you can also have custom form data carry over from a request/issue into another object (issue, task or project) by submitting a request through a request queue and have that new request be a resolvable object for the resolving object, as described in this article.

I know this is fairly complicated, so if you need more help you might want to submit a support ticket.

There are two potential ways for you to think about!