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Capture the first time a project is set to Current


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I am looking to capture the time between when an request (issue) is entered and when the resolving project is set to Current. I can get issue entry date from the standard fields, but the Current status is being reset whenever our PMs flip a project to Planning to update the timeline. Has anyone found a way to retain the data from the initial Current status?

I'd also love to hear if anyone has a way to easily report on this.

-Theresa Kiernan


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Nice one Theresa,

It took half a coffee to solve (as it turned out) so I can now offer a way to report on this, but as it is based on my Targeted Auditing Proof Of Concept, I will leave it to you to decide if it qualifies as "easy":

  • Set up a datetime calculated custom parameter (e.g. "First Current Date") on the Project custom form(s) attached to every project of interest
  • Save (or "Apply") the form with no formula yet, so Workfront "registers" First Current Date
  • Edit the form again, and this time, set the new formula to IF(ISBLANK({DE:First Current Date}),IF(Status="CUR",$$NOW,{DE:First Current Date}),{DE:First Current Date})
  • Hmm....without the ability to colorize the formula, I'll just say it in English: If the First Current Date is blank, if the Status is CUR (meaning it JUST turned to Current, as that edit is being made), the put $$NOW into the First Current Date ("locking" it, even if the status then later changes to PLN and back to CUR, etc. since), otherwise (if it's not yet CUR) leave First Current Date as it was (i.e. blank), otherwise (if First Current Date is already filled in) leave First Current Date as it was (i.e. preserving the initial "Locked" value)

With that tricky but useful bit complete, the "locking" pattern established, and the DATEDIFF calculated expression in hand:

  • add a numeric custom parameter (e.g. "Request To Current In Days") on the Issue custom form(s) attached to every Request of interest
  • Save the form with no formula yet, so Workfront "registers" Request To Current In Days
  • Edit the form again, and this time, set the new formula to IF(ISBLANK(Resolve Project.First Current Date),Request To Current In Days,ROUND(DATEDIFF(Entry Date, Resolve Project.First Current Date),0))

From there, you can then view, group, filter, and CHART on the Request's Request To Current In Days.




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Hi Theresa - do you all use baselines? There is a setting where a baseline is automatically created when you change a project to Current the first time.

If you don't really use baselines (meaning you won't have more than one), you could make sure that setting is on and then use this for the "When Resolving Project Was Set To Current"





displayname=When Resolving Project Was Set To Current