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Can you delete Canvas dashboards?


Level 3

I am playing around to see if this might be useful, and have noticed two things that would prevent even a small user roll out in-house:


1) Everyone can see everyone's Canvas dashboard. There appears no way to have permissions-based access.

2) There is no obvious delete button. I looked in the "All Dashboards" section to see if I could do it from there, but no luck. So now I have two "Untitled" Canvas dashboards with no way to get rid of them.


Is this expected for the beta? And are these features on the roadmap?


Thanks in advance,


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Community Advisor

I've played around with the dashboards and I'm not able to delete right now.


These are great questions you can bring to an event coming up if you would like.


Level 10

Hi Kellie

Can the link be used for direct joining of the event? Since now it is going nowhere.




Community Advisor

It should link to a registration page. I would try loading it in Edge if it doesn't work in Chrome.