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Can't reply to direct tagged comments in proof due to my stage not being active


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I know that if you are tagged in a comment on a proof, but your stage is locked or not started, you cannot reply. I just don't understand it. Our proofreader is the first stage in proofing and sometimes has questions for the account executive overseeing the project, so he asks direct questions specific to certain pages/spots in the proof. When the AE sees these notifications, she clicks reply in proof but it won't let her. We've struggled with this forever, yet my users continually ask me about it. So, I guess my question today is, what's the workaround? What do others do in this case? Since specific questions pertain to specific areas of the proof, it's nice to ask the questions within proof so they are connected directly to the spot the question pertains to by using the proofing tools. Should the person be tagged/questioned just copy the question from proof, paste it into the project updates and answer the person that way? Just seems so janky to me. I find it hard to wrap my head around that you can't just reply to a proof comment no matter what stage the proof is in. I would think this is a very common thing that happens. What do other do to work around this? Drives us all crazy! Thank you!

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Have you considered adding the executives to the same stage so that the conversations can more easily happen.  Another option might be to choose not to lock the other stages prior to activation.  I believe that there is an option in the proofing workflow that will allow all stages to be active at once.

Putting a person in a locked stage is essentially saying "your part comes later" and it seems like you actually want them more active now.

This has been our workflow for 5 years and it works well for us. We really don't want to activate stage until certain people have given their approval first. Even if we were to train that you don't pull/share a proof with someone until stage 1 and 2 are approved, they would do it anyway. I suppose it is something to consider but don't know if the can't reply issue happen enough to warrant a complete process change for us. I appreciate your feedback!


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Is the user set as an approver or reviewer and approver on the proofing workflow?