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Calculated Field or Fusion Challenge: Actual Hours by Year by Distinct Project


Level 3

Tapping on the WF hive mind here...I'm looking to understand if:


Can you create a calculated field that pulls in the sum of hours based on year? (I would think hour entry date contains would work....but tying that into actualhoursworked I can't see how to filter a contains. -I thought of a 'hours this year' filter on a field...but again....still a novice here.




Can you use Fusion to 'feed' a field onto a project form that sums up actual hours logged against that project by entry year?


Use case: Currently data exported into PowerBI so the only way to get the breakdown by year is running the report once a week and then going from there. (or, creating a direct link to Workfront report into a PowerBI refresh which not sure can be done)



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