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Brand and Creative Agencys


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Hi all! 

I am currently doing research on the set up of Brand & Creative Agencys. I am looking for any best practices on set up, if you use blueprints & which ones, and battling the time zone difference ( some of are associates are 10 hours ahead). 

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Hi, We don't use blueprints for project templates but… if you're new to WF they are a good starting point. Reporting Blueprints are also good for new WF users to at least show some reporting capabilities and provide ideas for more personalised reporting.

We have offices in 5 time zones so timing is important (3 in the US, 1 in the UK and 1 in Manila). Make sure you have the correct time zone and work schedule for each employee. Also, make sure each project has a time zone reflecting schedule associated with it. Projects and task timelines are good about honouring work schedules. Calendars are still a bit confusing when it comes to days off and PTO. If I'm in the UK and I take off an entire day, it may appear as if I'm off 2 partial days to someone in the US, an probably vice versa. If the time zones are further off, like 8 or 9 hours, it can be more confusing (time travel is always confusing).