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Best practices on integrating commercialization steps into production project?


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We currently do not utilize Workfront for campaign style projects, but instead run our projects as production only. This means the original requester needs to input an additional request at end of the production project to have that deliverable commercialized on our various sites.

As we look at streamlining this process are there any callouts or concerns about adding a commercialization stage to the production project? We do track projects by age as well as utilizing the actual completion date, so I know that these items will be affected by adding this. One of my other concerns is that we will need to have multiple templates or have our intake team add / remove the stage and tasks as necessary.

I appreciate any feedback or experiences that you all can share!


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Hey Daniel, I'm curious what others have to say about campaign-style projects because we just launched a Campaign Project Template and process a few weeks ago, but would love to keep thinking of creative ways to run campaigns (and likely using automation, which we don't have Fusion so maybe others have ideas using Fusion!)

Our instance relies heavily on request queues and custom forms, so therefore we built a Campaign Project Template that mimics the main "Requests" page with all of the same request queues embedded in the template. The purpose of this is to allow handoffs like the production-to-commercialization as you mention, by requesting the next workflow from within the same project - keeping everything together in one place. Just one idea for you. Good luck!


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Thanks for the comment back @Elena Dooley‚ !

So within the campaign project you have tasks that are essentially just linking back to the request form for that particular commercialization step, but making it easier so they don't need to go hunting through the request queue list?


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We're currently using the project's issues to submit these commercialization requests instead of tasks, but yes, that routes the request(s) to the appropriate person/team(s). You could use tasks with a custom form attached.



Tagging the @Marketing‚ group and a few people I've seen post about using Workfront to manage campaigns.

This thread from @Leah Janz‚ has some good feedback in it from @Heather Kulbacki‚ and others.

I also saw a thread on here from @Danny Becker‚ about using Workfront to manage campaigns. Perhaps the two of you would like to connect and share ideas?

I also tagged a lot of people in this thread from @Lila Whitney‚ who gave some similarly great thoughts for you.

Hope that helps!