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Announcing the Q3 2021 Innovation Lab Leaderboard Results



Results are in! We’re excited to share the Q3 2021 winning ideas: Out of Office Delegation came in first place, followed by Bring Back My Updates for Reviewers and Requestors which landed in second place. These ideas, along with six others, will move from a “Not Planned” status to either “Prioritized” or “On Roadmap” because of you.

Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm for product improvements. Outside of these eight ideas, you can expect to see several “outstanding” ideas updated over the next few weeks. Outstanding ideas would be those ideas that are currently in an “Under Consideration” or “On Roadmap” status that haven't been updated in a while.

We look forward to continuing to incorporate your voice into our product development efforts!


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Level 3

Is there an expected timeline for implementation? I'm hoping the option for delegation will be implemented sooner rather than later. Any chance it could be part of 22.0?



Hi @Denise Cossa‚ - thanks for asking. We are aiming to start work on this sometime in H1 2022 and will update you once we know more.