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Adding a Custom Form to a Closed Project


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The more I use Workfront, the more opportunity I see to eliminate multiple touchpoints and transition documents that are "outside" of WF. At the end of 2019, I was tasked to gather data from the projects that had been completed throughout the year. This data was stored everywhere 'BUT' Workfront for a variety of reasons. Some of it was the result of Post Mortem activities that occur after the projects were considered complete. So I started wondering, can I add a custom form to a project after it was status-ed complete? I played a bit in my sandbox and it seems possible and highly valuable for collecting this type of data that will be used later. Has anyone done this? Am I missing something? Are there any gotchas that I should take into consideration? Lori Lori Gates Project Manager Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Hi Lori, I applaud your intuition to expand your use of Workfront to include such Post Mortem information. It sounds like you have the right Settings > ... > Life After Death options set to allow such data to be recorded in that state already, so to reinforce the concept, I invite you to read our "https://store.atappstore.com/spiral-adoption/" Spiral Adoption post, which illustrates how such opportunities can leverage Workfront's utility and value. Regards, Doug Doug Den Hoed - AtAppStore