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Workload Balancer - Portfolio/ Program/Project Filter should only show Users assigned to projects in that portfolio/program


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When I use the portfolio/program or project filter on the Workload balancer without a user specific filter, all the users in the system are shown, not just the users that are associated with that portfolio/program/projects in that portfolio. This not intuitive and not what a user is expecting when they use this filter.

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I agree with the suggestion, but at the same time I know from support, that is how it has been designed. I guess that the clash comes from 2 different perspectives.

On the one hand WB displays list of resources/users and resource managers expect that the list will be narrowing down with filters being applied. I have that expectation.

On the other hand filter names state clearly that they are about, e.g. task name, portfolio ID, project name etc. so why to expect that list of users will narrow down... but it is very natural to think that if I select specific project name, I don't need to see any other user than the ones assigned to this project. Isn't it?

UX is somehow misguided here.