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When Subscribing to a Project, notify on all task & issue changes


Level 10


I am disappointed in the Project Subscribe.

Please give us the ability to Subscribe to a project and receive notification when any task or issue is added, changed, deleted or commented on.



Level 9


I expected this feature to notify me when an update was made in a task if I subscribed to the project. I'm amazed that it got implemented like this. Not very useful when most conversations happen in tasks.


Level 1


Yes please. We need the ability for someone to get notified on updates on task and issues without having to subscribe to every single one.


Level 4


I completely agree. I would probably go so far as to say that is what most users would assume would happen when they subscribe to a project.


Level 2


This is critical to us. We cannot expect project stakeholders to subscribe themselves to every task within a project. We are also seeing that people often forget to tag people in their updates. As a result, projects are getting delayed due to missed communications. As a work-around, we have a triage team who is doing so very heavy manual work to subscribe everyone to every object on the project. This is definitely time better spent. Even with this heavy lifting, we still run the risk of ad hoc tasks being added and commented on after we triage. This is not a sustainable solution. Please help to get this upvoted!


Level 1


Did anyone ever hear back on this? I am missing so many updates, and subscribing separately to every task and subtask on a project is not feasible.