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Using Group Statuses result in the Group Status Values and the System Status Values to display on Charts


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We were looking at using unique Status values for Issue for a new Group that wants to use Workfront. As part of their implementation into our instance, they wanted the Status values display for Issues to be renamed to names that are more meaningful to their group.

Ex. "In Progress" was to be renamed "In Progress with Client".

When I display the Status on a list report, the renamed value displays properly ("In Progress with Client"). However, if I display the Status on a Chart the custom status name "In Progress with Client" and the system status "In Progress" both appear on the chart. This is the case when testing as a user in the Group and a user not in the Group. It displays both values on the chart regardless.

Workfront support has indicated that development has said this is working as designed. I don't think this is an ideal answer, especially if you want to use custom statuses with unique name for multiple groups.