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Usernames - Case IN-sensitive?


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I would love if usernames were not case sensitive! Currently, usernames are case sensitive. I constantly have to make sure to keep the logins lowercase as users have a tendency to forget and it causes issues!



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This is a huge issue with people logging in on phones as they frequently capitalized the first letter. I spend too much time deleting accounts created wrong...


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I came across this issue today in the process of migrating our company to WorkFront.

The fact that this issue has not been resolved is honestly very disappointing.

A unique credential such as federated ID or username should never be case-sensitive or non-unique.

There is absolutely no excused for having emails = username and with that then usernames not being unique and case-insensitive.

This is the first product I've ever used which has this issue and yes it is an issue.

I honestly hope to see some progress made here very soon.

This post has over 100 votes already and is something that should have existed from day one when the platform was released.