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User-selected default view for custom reports


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Would it be possible to add an default view override option for each custom report that will allow users to select their custom view as the default view for the custom report instead of report's default view?

Right now, the only way to change the default view of the report is to change the report itself, meaning you'll need to create a copy of it, because typically reports are shared. Of course, a user can always select the view that they want for the custom report, however, that setting is reverted back to report's default view each time the report is loaded. It would be nice to have a the ability to make the report's default view = user's chosen view for that user's account.

In terms of UI it could look something like this:

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My users are asking for the exact same thing. I have a ton of extra reports, just slightly different from each other because people need 1 or 2 columns different or a slightly different filter.