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User enabled In App Notification customization


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Currently, you can turn off, make daily digest only, make instant only, or make daily digest& instant notifications for email. However, you cannot customize what notifications you see in app independent of the email notifications. For example, it would be beneficial to my users to be able to say they want instant email notifications when they are directly tagged in an update, but only in app notifications for updates on threads they were previously tagged into.


Why is this feature important to you 

Enabling this feature will allow users to cut down on the noise of notifications more efficiently and sustainably. Especially for our project management team who receive notifications on multiple projects at once.


Previous Ideas request

There is a request from 2017 that was put in by @EricMa and it has many updates on it but Support has asked me to put in a new Idea request so I have.


How would you like the feature to work:


  • All communication types that are available via email will also need to be available via in-app notification (currently only Work-list and announcement are available via in-app as per Workfront Support)
  • All email notifications have the options of a combination of daily or instant including turning them off completely or having both enabled. Adding a third option for in-app would allow users to decide where they are notified for each communication type.


Current Behaviour:


As per my support case # 00341694, the current behavior as identified by your support team is as follows:

The in-app notification feature contains two types of information. Work-list and announcement. The work-list notification can be governed by the email-notification customization but will also impact the email notification. 


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Hi @czufelt 


We would also like to see this feature implemented.


Currently, we have several request queues that feed into our team, this means that every member of the team receives an in-app notification when a request is raised.


This could be up to 40 requests per day, meaning the whole team's notifications are filled with requests that might not specifically relate to them.


We would like to be able to switch this off for the individuals that are not required to work on the requests. This way they could use the notifications to concentrate on the requests assigned to them.