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User added to current stage instead of WF Stage when opening proof from WF


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Description -
When using an Automate Worklflow in WF Proof, it would be more useful for a user to be added to current stage instead of a new WF Stage with no parameters on it.

Why is this feature important to you -
When users are added to the WF stage, the use of stage deadlines becomes useless and the proof remians open for them beyond what other users assigned to the proof are allowed.

How would you like the feature to work - 
Current enters a proof through Workfront and could only be assigned to the stages that are present in the workflow. It would even better if you could limit them to a certain stage. For instance, if there were 3 stages in a workflow, someone may only be allowed in stage 1, where as other may only be allowed in Stage 2 and so on. If the deadline has passed for that stage then they could only have read only/reviewer access until the next version was added. This would keep the integrity of the review process in place and avoid comments being added and not reviewed by certain individuals in a stage that may have passed.

Current Behaviour -
If a user navigate to a proof and opens it via WF they are added to a random Workfront Stage with no deadline driven by the workflow.

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I'm upvoting, however I have learned that, if you change the new stage's deadline to align with the other stage, the two stages merge. It's extra work for sure. I'd rather have a prompt: "Which stage would you like to add this user to, existing or new?"