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Update feeds in chronological order of last posting


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It would be helpful to have the option to display the updates in order by the last update made. When reply is added to an older update, it is difficult to search for because the original post is displayed way down the update feed. When a reply is made to an older comment, it would be nice to have it move to the top, truly in order of last update, be it original or a response.



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It would be great if a comment thread is moved to the top of the update list if a comment on the thread is the most recent update for the project/task/issue.


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Another idea along the same line would be to have unread updates be flagged in a different color (something VERY obvious). I know notifications does this with a flag, but it would be great if the same thing existed in the updates feed of a task.




Thank you for your idea to update feeds in a chronological order of last posting on the Update Stream. Your idea suggests a common intuitive practice and makes sense.

I will review your idea with our engineering and design teams to determine the effort involved and if any possible negative outcomes would come with this change. After review we will determine if we can prioritize this change and will solicit additional customer feedback at that time.

Thank you for taking the time to present this idea. Customer feedback is a gift and we always appreciate it at Workfront, An Adobe Company.


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We have a large number of users who are starting to use WF for the first time. They are struggling quite a bit with large update feeds. The ability to sort chronologically would be extremely helpful for them. If the updates are in response to another update, there could be a simple toggle to switch back to the "classic" feed with responses nested in a hierarchical manner. I think the key would be to have the capability of swapping in Chronological or Hierarchical order from the update feed itself (just like you can turn on/off System Updates). A simple hyperlink text that says "This update is in response to an update entered by %user%, click here to switch to hierarchy view to see parent comment" or something like that.



This has been a MAJOR issue for us. Some simple sorting options or filtering on the Updates page would save so much time. We had to build a completely separate report for searching & organizing comments...which I still can't people to use. And people are still terrible at tagging others for notifications. If we could sort on Updates, this would be so helpful and ease frustrations


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@JessicaShayanPM - has there been any further development on this? My team really struggles with this and in a lot of cases, people miss crucial updates because recent comments are buried in a feed.