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Track all changes in a Workfront Template


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We wanted to have a detailed template management process. That means, whenever a change is made to a template, "date of change", "Changed By", "Details of the change" all needs to be tracked and we should be able to create a report out of this.
Our company has 3000 plus users, and we have more than 50 group admins. Group Admins has the writes to create/Update/Delete a template. So if there is no tracking, it will become very critical to run the business, if anything unwanted happens in the system due to the changes in the templates. So we request you to have a detailed Template change tracking process in Workfront.
As a matter of fact, every critical objects in Workfront (Custom Forms, Templates etc..) should have this kind of tracking system for any business to trust Workfront as an Enterprise Application for a company.

What are some of your other customers currently doing to track these critical system changes?
Does AWF have any best practice in place for tracking, or is this an update that is coming soon?

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This is a common pain point for many of our orgs. I'm not all the way through implementing this for mine yet, but the plan is to review all of the Templates with their respective process owners to get them as close to good as we can, and then I'm locking the world out of modifying Templates completely. 


Next, I've set-up a 'Workfront Template' Portfolio, and in that portfolio I'll create a single copy of every template as a regular project. The process owner gets assigned rights to edit their 'project-templates' and can make modifications and test ideas to their heart's content. This then keeps a perfect audit trail of all changes in the project's update log, providing the management process we need too.


Once they're done with their changes, they can come review with me, and I will migrate those changes into the official Prod template. 


I also don't have 3,000 users (yet!), so this is more manageable in our instance. I'd probably train a few advanced users to do this with me in an org as large as yours, with the understanding that they would migrate INTO the Prod templates and not just do their development work right there without an audit trail.