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Time off visibility at Project Level and on Project view of all Tasks


Level 3


With the 2019.3 updates coming august 2019, it is nice to see when Planning a Project what users have time off and how that may impact Task/Project timelines. This is great for proactive planning, however, it would be nice to create a view in the project such as a flag per task when a user has scheduled time off that impacts the critical path of the project being completed on time. A notification to the PM would also be great.

Ex. a PM plans a Project that is going to be a year long. During the course of the now Current Project, an assignee has put in time off. That time off is going to affect the critical path of the project being completed on time. The PM wants to be notified of the potential risk in the timeline and be notified which tasks this impacts so that it may be adjusted accordingly (i.e. new assignee, or updated timeline).



Level 4


i like the new feature that allows to select if the dates will shift or not based on user's time off. It would be fantastic if there was a quick way to see on a list of tasks (aka project plan). Currently we have to click on the field to see the users has scheduled PTO


Level 3


I've been hoping for something like this ever since I started using Workfront five years ago, after using another PPM tool that made it very easy to see when someone was available or not... I had hopes for the 19.3 update but, as you mentioned, that ended up being implemented with the baffling decision to only show user PTO when assigning (which doesn't help if the user files schedule-impacting PTO after you make assignments).

I wish I could vote for this more than once!