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Tie Issue Status to Converted Projects In Perpetuity


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Description - When an issue is resolved by another object, the status and progress are locked and only updated via the resolvable. Unfortunately, if you were to mark the resolving/converted project as Dead, the issue is also Dead and will no longer update regardless of the updates that continue to happen on the project. For example, you convert an issue to a project, work starts and the team thinks it's a duplicate ask so they mark the project as Dead. A meeting happens, and you learn that it is very similar to an existing project but unique enough to continue so you update the project's status to Current. Meanwhile, the Issue will continue to say Dead and you cannot update the status because it is locked by the resolving project. I would like for the issue to continue monitoring the resolving project and update the status if the project reopens (from being Complete or Dead).


Why is this feature important to you - If the project management team isn't aware of this you have issues telling a completely different story than what is happening which can skew metrics. This is especially damaging if you have one person reporting from the issues and another person reporting from the projects. We always want our metrics and reports to be accurate since those are influencing business decisions.


How would you like the feature to work - The issue's status would update from Dead to In Progress if the resolving project status changed from Dead back to Current or Planning.


Current Behaviour - Currently the only workaround is to manually remove the resolve by information, save the issue, and then add the resolve by information back since you cannot update the issue's status individually while a resolvable is listed.

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There must be a option if the resolving project is set as Dead, we can still manage to change the status of issue without removing the resolving project.