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Teams - Custom Statuses by Group or Sup Group and more than 5 status columns


Level 7


We need additional status columns to manage the development of product releases.

After some painful testing of Workfront Agile Teams, we recognise the product needs some serious enhancement to bring it on a par with free competitor products on the market.

Status Management

  • Agile Teams only pull statuses from the System "Status" panel in the Setup area. This means small development teams cannot customise their processes without adding extra status noise for all system users. Not suitable for big instances with thousands of users.

Status Columns

  • Secondly, an Agile Team should have up to 10 status columns available; however, there is a bug that limits you to 5 columns (release 21.3). We cannot even pull all the status columns we need into the storyboard. I would make the number unlimited to enable custom processes rather than set a limit.

I'm not asking for approval or task ownership permissions in this enhancement request as I don't see Workfront getting there anytime soon but this would be a small win that helps us to manage work in Workfront; without having to use JIRA or other Agile work management solutions.

The lack of these basic features makes the tool unusable for credible dev teams.

I really hope the community supports this idea as we're unable to use Workfront Agile Teams effectively without these enhancements.