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Tasks set to autocomplete should not affect project condition


Level 8


Description - For those of us who find it impractical to manually manage project condition, automations like Task Tracking Mode = Auto Complete should be programmed to favor project condition rather than harm it.

Why is this feature important to you - The Project Condition field can draw unnecessary ire from people who don't fully understand or appreciate what it indicates. The more we can encourage automations to help the better.

How would you like the feature to work - When a task has the Task Tracking Mode set to Auto Complete, project timeline recalculation should set the task's Actual Completion Date to the task's Planned Completion Date and time so that it doesn't affect the project condition.

Current Behaviour - When recalculating a project timeline, whether manually or on overnight refresh, the task's Actual Completion Date sets to the time of recalculation, which skews the project condition. Workaround: Manually update the Actual Completion Date.