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Tagging Project Teams on Updates


Level 7


Develop a way to tag the entire team on a specific project in an update other than typing each name individually or creating team for each project. If a team was created for each project, then someone would have to delete that team when the project is completed. This could lead to unwieldy amounts of teams if this step is forgotten.



Level 4


Hi Marla,

There is an option to create an update for the entire project team in the project's People tab.

When you go to the People tab, you'll see the option of Update All. This option will send a notification to all project team members, and you can also deselect the team members you do not want to get a notification of the update.

Maybe this is a workable solution for you?

Kind regards,



Level 6


Yes, while you can do the update under the people tab, why can't it be done in the general updates!  Seems to be pretty basic, OR there should be a notification setting that is "Send email when there is an UPDATE on a project I'm on"  Granted that could get messy with way too many updates.  This goes to another idea that is posted on here somewhere that there out to be the availability to post a "project update" on the updates tab that can be used in reporting and pin it to the top.