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Statuses don't have to be locked system wide to appear on a specific team's agile board


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Right now I am having to lock all group statuses at the system level to allow them to appear on a teams agile board. We have 20+ task statuses in the system right now and growing. And they are not all relevant to all users (ie we do building construction and software custom development each with wildly different status progressions)



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I would love the ability to use a group's status instead of a system status for this. Using a system status seems like an architectural miss in the software as you are running both waterfall and agile projects and need the ability to each methodology.


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Yes please, this prevented an entire team from adopting the software due to the fact they couldn't have their process (used for months) built into the software.

It'd be great to allow different teams to have more meaningful statuses within the Agile view.


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I've also spoken to customer service and training. I have discovered a workaround which is not elegant at all, but it does work. To reiterate the sentiment above, though, is that Kanban statuses should not be required to be System statuses, let alone have to be Locked. Ideal functionality would be that there would be a separate Agile Status backend that then can be unique to teams or projects. Even from a group level it could become burdensome as "not two teams are alike" yet they could live in the same department and in some cases work on the same product.

Here's the workaround:

For Agile Teams, the statuses need to be System Statuses that are Locked in order to create or modify the story board - not just for the specific team.

  1. AFTER HOURS: Create the System Statuses in Locked state
  2. Create Projects and/or Teams to use.
  3. Modify Project Agile View, Scrum or Kanban storyboard to include the new statuses.
  4. Unlock associated System Statuses
  5. Hide associated Statuses from other groups besides the group you need it for.
  6. Test


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This is a problem for us, too. We just need a QC column, or some other status. This is only relevant to select teams, so putting it somewhere that shows up on all tasks for every user is very confusing.


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Hi everyone,

Thanks for upvoting the idea!

It looks very promising, however I'm marking it as "Not Planned" since it is not on the roadmap for the coming 12 months.

At the same time, I would kindly ask you to continue adding your use cases under this idea so that we can consider those when we are back to this idea.