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Sox Compliance - Logged Hours Transfer Functionality


Level 4


We need the ability for finance to move one hour or numerous hours, that has been logged by users from one project / task to another project / task.

One would have a screen and mark off the hours that that needed to be moved by user. One would need to enter a reason for the move. Then you choose the project to transfer it to and the system then needs o calculate the total amount of hrs and revenue lost on the current project vs the new revenue gained on the new project by the transfer.

There would need to be a request process and approver functionality for a financial controller to approve the change

We would also need an audit report that details: the move details, requestor and approver. Date and time of the request versus the date time the approver approved the hr transfer.



Level 1


i was just asked the same thing from my team. Yes it would be a great features when people do not log on the correct project.


Level 3


I just spent 3 hours manually migrating hours logged by 11 people over the course of 1 month from one project to another... I feel braindead. The reason it took extra-long was because Workfront tracks the hours to the owner, as such each time a system admin (or a user with the right permissions) has to do this, they need to perform a number of operations:

  1. Locate the appropriate timesheets containing the hours and reopen them
  2. Login as the timesheet owner and make the required adjustments on the timesheet paying very close attention to where those hours are being logged (one mistake can be quite costly)
  3. Rinse and repeat for each timesheet
  4. Finally, create a report of all timesheets where adjustments have been made and close them out

Needless to say, this process can (and should) be automated. My suggestion would be to add the option for system admins and other users with the "Timesheets and Hours" permission to be able to make these adjustments from the setup area. The process should look similar to moving a task and should support bulk moves.