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Show Timestamps Consistently in Updates feed


Level 6


Right now in the Updates feed on an object, user comments will show as posted "last Tuesday at 8:00am". We'd like this to be changed to a consistent timestamp (MM/DD/YY at 00:00 am/pm).

The current "last Tuesday" setup, as we've come to call it, is confusing since it's really referring to the most recent Tuesday, not necessarily Tuesday of last week (as the name implies).

For an example, let's say today is Friday January 10th. A comment posted on Monday January 6th will show as "last Monday". This implies the update was posted the previous week instead of just "01/06/2020".

In situations where we have to take screenshots of Update feeds or copy/paste a thread into another system, we lose all relevant time data on affected updates.




Agree! This causes confusion, including if you cut/paste a comment in one area to another as a reference. The true date should always be shown


Level 4


I've received so many questions from team members asking if we can change this. It's especially confusing because it will say something like "last tuesday" when it was actually just two days ago.