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Show Ready to Start Team Requests instead of All in the 'My Work Requests' tab


Level 9


Currently if you click on the ready to start area of your 'My Work' page you'll see your individual tasks that are ready to start and a link with a count of the number of team requests you have (assuming you're assigned to a team).

Unfortunately that count tracks the total number of requests rather than a count of items that are ready to start. This is frustrating because if you are using my work and see you have 18 team requests the only way to know how many of those are actually ready to work on is to navigate there. Once there you may have 0 ready to start items.

This functionality makes the count in the my work area unusable. Ideally the link would show in bold the ready to start team requests and then in regular weight font and in (0) the all amount.



Level 7


I think that this would be very beneficial in the Home Area especially now the team requests section is more noticeable as a grouping.

We have teams that are often refreshing this tab a lot throughout the day to see if their tasks are now ready to start