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Set Users' Planned Hours as Budgeted by one click for all


Level 3


we are planning our resources by tasks and user. We always use the features "Set Users' Planned Hours as Budgeted" and then "Set Roles' Planned Hours as Budgeted".

The issue is this is causing many clicks by each PM all the time they update their planning to assure we really have the latest numbers in our Resource Planner tool.

Is there a trick to "Set Users' Planned Hours as Budgeted" and then "Set Roles' Planned Hours as Budgeted" for all users and roles at once, e.g. at least for one project or ideally for several at once?

This would make resource planning much easier and quicker.



Level 2


Hi There,

I was about to submit the same item. I really hope this becomes a feature. It would need to be able to match the planned hours as budgeted by DAY across the whole project, so the roll up from week -> month -> quarter is accurate and there is no false budgeted variance as there is now. currently when you match planned hours as budgeted on the smallest possible scale - week, the budgeted hours by month do not match the planned hours, as months finish/start midweek. This gives false budgeted variance by month. The budgeted hours also do not take into consideration holdays and PTO. Budgeted hours need to match the planned hours of each DAY, even if you can only see week/month/quarter.



Level 3


I am adding my 100% backing to this- we were told when we moved over to the new resource tools how useful this tool would be- but having to click through each month is agonizing for our teams, especially due to the delay in the screen loading, etc. In addition, the Quarter view is not helpful since it does not take into consideration the Planned Dates of the tasks, just whatever is showing on your screen at that time. It does not make any sense to us! If our tasks w/ planned hours start in September, and we want to use the Quarter view to set a 12 month project, I would expect the hours to spread from Sep-Oct-Nov regardless of where my scroller is.

Having the ability to set planned to budgeted for the entire project in one click is HUGE for us. OR, if that is not possible, then having Quarter view work in sync with the task dates is our only other request, not what is visible on the screen.