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Separate Security between Portfolios & Programs


Level 10


We would like to provide Program Managers with more access, but right now there is no distinction between Portfolio & Program security. Having this separated security would help allow us to have our Program Managers have a stonger role.



Level 2


Our organization would like this as well. We have an integration that reliant on our portfolios being static, but the program managers need to be able to create new programs often. Being able to set the access separately would be a huge benefit for us to maintain that integrity of the integration.


Level 7


A thousand times this. We would like users to be able to create programmes within a portfolio, without giving them the ability to create brand new portfolios.


Level 8


Our use case: We want our users to be able to create/delete their own programs, but we do not want them to be able to create/delete any Portfolios since that level is governed by a master list.


Level 5


Can this be accomplished as a quick win?

We have a very similar use case.

We don't use currently too much this because we don't want to give access to Portfolios that we use as a foundation, but we can't really manage Programs by Sys Admins (we have not eanough resource and this would be a nobrainer activity). This could help a lot!




Hey everyone,

Thanks for upvoting the idea!

As Jeremy mentioned, I'm excited to announce that this idea is planned for our 21.1 release.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that this capability is already available on Preview. It would be very helpful if you would try it out and share your feedback in the thread below.