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Send Report Feature - Option to Exclude the format attachment.


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There are some reports that are best viewed in Workfornt and would benefit from "sending" the report but only sending a message to direct users to the link so they view the report in the system.

These reports are typically single reports that have broad usage across a very large user base. Case in point - reports that use the manager field as a filter to specifically show only users that report to that manager. This would allow creating one recurring report to send out instead of having to create a different recurrence of that for every unique manager.



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We use a report that is sent to all staff members daily that includes only their late and upcoming tasks (using the $$USER.ID wildcard). Unfortunately, Workfront requires that we attach a "static" report (not using $$USER.ID) to the email notification that is sent each day. This causes confusion as we now have to include a "ignore the attachment, use the link below" disclaimer...


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Agreed. We'd like to use the report deliveries but the attachment we'd want optional as ideally we want people going into the link!


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Yes! Yes! Yes! For adoption purposes, I'm trying to send an end-of-day reminder to all users to log their time. The report uses the wildcard so the link works fine. But WF is automatically attaching my personal hours logged to the Outlook notification. No attachment is needed. I need them to click the link and log their time.


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Agree with Amy. This would be a HUGE help with Wildcard reports as we could do a bulk send. At the moment we send to each manager individually and it maxes out at 10 so we have to make copies of the report to send out.

Also Amy if it's just for individuals and their timesheets you can create an automated timesheet reminder that sends.