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Search functionality - ability to contain a string of words


Level 3


When entering a string of key words into search, Workfront is designed to find all words in various combinations. So, when searching "for college of nursing", results will include "college of nursing", "college", "for", "nursing", etc. The logic behind search is that every keyword is connected with a logical "OR" rather than a logical "AND". Because of this, we get hundreds of results. We can click the drop down and go to Advanced search which functions with "AND" logic. Getting to the advanced search is an extra step. It would be helpful to add a "contained" functionality to the top level search. So, for example, we could use an asterisk to contain all words *for college of nursing* so those are the only search results we get.



Level 6


Fyi, there is another entry on a similar topic that has a lead in votes over this entry. I encourage you to up vote that one as well to increase the chance of Workfront giving it attention. I added comments regarding the exact problem you report here.