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Scheduling: "Show Resource Allocation Highlighting" + "Show Totals for Daily Planned Hours" must be selectable without switching to "Use Planned instead of Projected Dates"


Level 3


The allocation highlighting as well as the Total Hours are obligatory for a realistic planning.

But it is not enough to offer that functionality only in combination with planned hours as in project management the projected hours are the most important ones.

That applies to all scheduling functionalities.

Stephan Siller



Level 2


I totally agree, looking at the planned hours view assumes that all prior work was completed as planned (i.e. nothing is running late). I need to see the hours based on projected, so I can see how over/under allocated each resource actually is (how many hours of work do they actually have to complete, not how many they would have had to complete if everything had gone according to plan).

Hopefully this can be added soon, I'm struggling to figure out how I can effectively assign work to resources without seeing what work may have backed up and still be on their actual schedule.


Level 1


I agree, especially if a team is NOT adjusting their project schedules as soon as the projected dates begin to meaningfully vary (i.e., project condition is At Risk or In Trouble) from the planned dates. If you're running your projects that way, then it also means that your users' Home views are probably a bit out of control, showing lots of late tasks (some that are not even ready to work on), etc. because the Home view work list is based on Planned dates.

I would add two things to this:

1. Allow users to toggle whether they want their Home work list to populate based on Planned dates vs. Projected (depending on your team's philosophy on whether they adjust projects as soon as they are off-schedule so that Planned dates are real, or let them run late and the resource planning is based on Projected dates rather than Planned).

2. Any work that was completed ahead of schedule should be somehow be removed from daily resource allocation for all future dates. Some of our designers work ahead of schedule, but even though 20% of their list is already checked off for a given day, it falsely shows them as over-allocated because the system is still including the hours for the completed work on those days.