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Revamp the entire Agile platform


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The limitations in the Agile platform are hindering our performance. The entire platform needs to be revamped to compete with other Agile platforms. For instance, it is messy trying to create Epics (we have to open the "project object" edit the "project tasks" to create a parent task to mimic an epic. We should be able to assign points to stories such as 8 hours, and then separately assign points to the subtasks of stories. Instead, since we use 8 hours for stories, we have to use fractions (.25 for 2 hours, .5 for 4 hours) to assign points to subtasks. And the burndown chart is terrible and does not calculate the # of stories and # of stories completed correctly. Further, we can't even use Kanban and are HOPING the minor changes being made to that will allow us to figure out a way to use it. We cannot get an answer as to when the entire Agile module will be reworked and deployed.