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Reporting Data from Fusion


Level 1


Description - Create a way to pull or use data from Fusion operations.

  • "How many times has a scenario/module been run?"
  • "Can I use runID to track and check against operations in an integrated system?"
  • "Who is triggering the scenarios the most?"
  • "Did Fusion even exist before 30 days ago?" 


Why is this feature important to you? - This would help us optimize existing scenarios through usage data and build better solutions with integrated systems. 


How would you like the feature to work? - It would be great if it was as straightforward as Workfront's reporting, but no specific implementation requirements. Just having access to the data would be extremely helpful. 


Current Behaviour - We can manually check runs that have happened in the past 30 days. Checking this way is very manual and tedious at best, and only shows data from the specific run. Any sort of aggregate data would have to be manually tallied and synthesized.