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Reporting - Aggregator function to cover the entire result set in a report (instead of just the displayed records)


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Currently, when an aggregator function is used to display a calculated total for a particular custom field in a result set, only the the displayed page is included in the calculation. This means that IF the entire data set is 5000 records, the user will see the aggregated total in the grouping headers for the first 100 results or 2000 max (if they figure out how to adjust the default limit). This can be rather confusing to users due to the fact that the user expects the aggregated total to include the entire data and not the default 100 records or at most 2000 records per page. It's particularly problematic when it comes to an Hours report where the result set can include well over 2000 records, meaning that the user has to have their calculator app handy and then paginate through the result set while adding the totals from each page to get the total across the complete data set OR they must export the data set into Excel and continue their calculations there. What we need is an enhancement which would allow users to see the aggregated values in grouping headers for the entire data set (no matter how large that set is) without having to rely on exporting data into Excel.

Here's an example of a large data set and what the user sees by default:


and here's what they CAN see if they expand the default result set to the max of 2000 records... completely different totals for the same groupings AND there are additional groupings that got added because the displayed data set now includes them...


...even still, there are 1700+ records on the next page that were not included in the total which may have data not aggregated on the displayed page, thus rendering the Total Cost column useless for large data sets unless the user exports the data into Excel.

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