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Rename a Group/Axis in a Chart report


Level 3



The page above shows how to rename a Grouping on the details tab of a report. It would be great if the text mode used would also change the Axis name on the chart tab of the same report.

Due to having a shared instance with many teams, we've had to get creative with our field naming conventions. The naming convention works great for differentiating which team owns what fields but creates an undesirable result when it comes to displaying grouping/axis names in chart reports. The challenge is chart reports today only allows you to display the actual/physical name of the field.

It would be great if we enabled he reporting engine to display chart axis names using a Grouping's text mode name or displayname.



Level 4


+1 It would also be great if you could edit the legend names. For the same reasons above some items have the group name appended which creates unnecessary clutter.


Level 2


It would be really useful if we can rename the Axis and that makes more sense of what we want to call it for business who looks into charts and what we would name in the projects what will be looked by developers. If the text mode can give us the flexibility of naming Axis and grouping on details sepearately, that would be great!