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Reminder Notifications should link back to the project or task


Level 4


Currently when receiving reminder notification the email received is static and doesn't actually link to the project or task being referenced. This causes confusion because tasks can have the same name under different projects. (e.g., copyediting, etc.)

I'd like to suggest a "See it in Workfront" link be added to each reminder email to make it easier and more efficient to link to the item from the reminder.



Level 4


Yes! This is needed! Reminder notifications are useless to us on tasks since there is not link to back to what project it is associated with.


Level 1


Our users have 15-20 projects at a time and we would like to give them the ability to identify certain tasks to have a Reminder Notification. This would fit the bill perfectly, except as noted there is nothing in the notice that provides a clue as to which task or even project it's a reminder for. So, unfortunately, its a useless reminder!