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"Send Dashboard" - Automated emails for Dashboards




We need the ability to send out automated emails with a Dashboard attached. Currently this is only available at the report level, but my team and I have often needed to send out an entire dashboard on a regular bases, and it doesn't make sense to send out each individual report from the dashboard (too many emails). There should be a way to send out automated emails with a Dashboard attached.



Our use case, would be two fold - now just words but allow graph/charts to be included ...

1) external users to workfront - send a scheduled delivery to them, so they can see the status of their ONE project

2) internal users (managers) - send a scheduled delivery to them - so they can see the status of "all" the projects they own

Items of interest:

1) external users - missing data, unresolved issues, any thing hindering completion of the project, status of the project (% complete) ..

2) internal users - everything external users can see, in additional to, how many projects are on schedule, how many are behind schedule, this report would be more metric driven.


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As sending Dashboards like reports is being planned, please improve upon the existing options by allowing the email go to out without attachments--an option that would effectively deliver a link back to the live views within Workfront.

Existing Send Report functionality in Workfront forces a choice of HTML, PDF, Excel, TDF, but the obvious missing choice is NO ATTACHMENT. The problem with attaching a format is that it must be run as a specific user. Many reports and dashboards would be different, depending on the recipient. For example, a dashboard that shows Current projects may be different for me than for another user because we don't have the same visibility into each other's portfolios. Obviously, anything that leverages $$USER.ID would also be different.

Of course, if the system can generate unique dashboards/reports per recipient, attachments are fine, but that is not how it works in Reports today.


There is a need to send (e-mail dashboards) to other Workfront users, such as executives or team members. We can currently send reports, but not dashboards. If we were able to e-mail weekly or monthly dashboards to our executives, it would give Workfront more visibility and promote stronger buy in from the executives.


This is much needed! We would like to send dashboards not only to executives, but also to various teams to keep key goals and results in front of them.


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Mike, I was just at LEAP 2018 and the outlook on Dashboards is very positive! The functionality that the team previewed included sharing capabilities, as well as a host of other features - it'll be great to use the new product when it's ready!