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Provide an option to disable timesheet autosave and enable the save button


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Description -

Why is this feature important to you - Users do not like the autosave feature. They have multiple timesheet entries to make and the autosave slows them down

How would you like the feature to work - Preference is to have a save button as it was prior to the implementation of autosave. one option is to have an option to disable autosave in setup timesheet preferences.

Current Behaviour - Users have multiple timesheet entries to make each day. Time added waiting for the autosave to complete is slowing them down.

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Autosave would be nice if it worked consistently.  However, we are seeing multiple cases where comments are not saved appropriately.  Sometimes this happens even AFTER the app says the "autosave" occurred.  Sometimes this happens when they open up Timesheets the next day.


We have seen instances as well where HOURS get lost - or double counted - depending on the situation.  Again - sometimes it happens on a screen refresh, and sometimes it is noticed the next day when Timesheets is opened again.


There is clearly some timing issue with Autosave that causes each of these situations to occur - as we didn't see this behavior of Timesheets until Autosave was added.